Welcome! Edit

Welcome to the wackyred15 wiki, this is actually the new version of it, The old one I deleted. Feel free to edit and add.

Who is wackyred15? Edit

Wackyred15 is a small YouTuber who makes random content, or as some people like to call it, Cringe-worthy content. and also uploads some MLP stuff, Also sometimes does some real-life vlogs made with his phone.

Fun Facts (edit if these are wrong) Edit

  1. Wackyred15's real name is Daegen. as he says in some of his videos.
  2. Wackyred15's car is named Garry.
  3. Wackyred15 has deleted videos of his brother cursing at the haters. This is mentioned in one of his videos.
  4. Wackyred15's new channel will be called "Daegen's Entertaining Adventures" (no "Daegen isn't a typo from me, Its probably from wackyred15.)
  5. Wackyred15's favorite MLP character is Rarity.

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